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Fuel is the prime need of every industry and pollution-free environment is the prime concern of society. Our mission is to produce and promote use of low cost high quality calorific value biomass briquette that are environment friendly and clean for use in both domestic and commercial industries.

The recycled fuel is beneficial for the environment as it conserves natural resources. What many people do not know is that recycling also prevents global warming which has a direct adverse impact on global climate.

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Why Invest in Briquettes

  • Enhance climate change mitigations

    Be part of the team whose aim is to enhance climate change mitigations as advocated by the Kenyan government and various foreign agencies

  • High Return on Investment

    The market demand for biomass briquettes is on the increase, both for industrial and domestic use due to rising cost of fossil fuel

Readily AvailableRaw Materials

Every year mother nature produces millions of tonnes of bio-degradable waste materials which can be briquetted. Such waste materials include saw dust, coffeee husks, rice husks, bagassee, tobacco dust and hay. Basically, any type of agricultural or forestry waste can be briquetted.