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Kings Biofuels

Kings Biofuels is a company incorporated in Kenya with a sole purpose of making fire briquettes as an alternative and substitute source of energy to enhance climate change mitigations as advocated by the Kenyan government and various foreign agencies.

Converting Wastes to Energy

Biomass Briquettes in Kenya are made from bio-degradable waste materials such as saw dust, coffeee husks, rice husks, bagassee, tobacco dust and hay.

Briquettes have higher calorific value, consistent quality, they are very clean to handle and always burn evenly.


Our Clients

Biomass Briquettes are widely used in thermal applications like steam generation in boilers, furnace, foundries and in domestic applications, institutions of higher learning and schools. They are also used in drying process and in gasification plants, as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels and Firewood.